Magnus Tsunami

Magnus Tsunami Gaming

What is  it all about?

It's all about reliving what we all remember from the games we grew up with, whether they were played from the couch, or the floor.

It's also a bit of nostalgia, remembering how a game looked, and played so differently, and how a NES, or SNES were the best of their time, hardware wise, and game-play wise, without all the lovely features of auto-saves, and internet play, a time when things were simpler, and beating a game felt more satisfying, or beating your siblings in Mario kart. 

Magnus Tsunami Gaming strives to provide a bit of randomness and fun twice a week, with a video released each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, chosen by my custom designed Tile selector! with the occasional update on the happenings of my crazy busy life, in the form of a short vlog. 

So grab your favorite snack, or drink of choice, kickback and relax Enjoy my unique style of game commentary, suitable for all ages and genders.